$1312 Stimulus Payment Schedule 2024: Stimulus Check for Everyone, Eligibility & Dates

The Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) will rise significantly, according to the Alaska Department of Revenue, giving qualified residents a significant $1312 stimulus payment. This program is especially important due to Alaska’s high cost of living and offers a unique example of the state’s strategy for distributing its wealth from its natural resources.

The PFD increase aims to provide Alaskans with financial relief, making life a little bit easier during times of economic difficulties. Through this article, we will provide complete details related to the $1312 stimulus payment schedule, including its overview, detail, payment schedule, economic impact, eligibility, and process to verify payment.

$1312 Stimulus Payment Schedule 2024

A vital source of financial support for Alaskans is the Permanent Fund Dividend, which will provide $1312 to each qualified person in 2024. The PFD payments, which have been scheduled to continue until the year 2024, show the state’s dedication to giving its citizens a share of the revenue that comes from its natural resources.

Many Alaskans depend significantly on this annual dividend to support their financial stability as it helps to reduce the high cost of living in the state.

Permanent Fund Dividend

After the completion of electronic PFD applications, the distribution process for the 2023-2024 Permanent Fund Dividend was started in October and is still going o. today. Depending on the outcome of their application, eligible people can choose to receive their payments via direct deposit or mail.

The timing of the payouts will vary. Residents are advised to make sure their address information on their applications is accurate to prevent any delays. The goal of this careful distribution process management is to make sure that all qualified Alaskans get their stimulus checks on time.

$1312 Stimulus Payment Schedule

  • The Alaska Department of Revenue has announced an increase in the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) to $1312.
  • This $1312 payment aims to distribute the revenue that comes from natural resources to support eligible recipients facing financial problems due to high inflation rates in Alaska.
  • Payment schedules based on submission dates like applications submitted by 10th July will get payment on 18th July.
  • Similarly applications by 12th June will get payment on 20th June and applications submitted by 7th August will get payment on 15th August.
  • Residents can use the myPFD portal to track $1312 Stimulus payment application status and update personal information.

Eligibility for $1312 PFD Stimulus Check

To be eligible for the $1312 stimulus payment in Alaska, you must meet the following criteria set by the Department of Revenue, Alaska.

  • Individuals must have to reside in the state of Alaska for the entire previous year or currently will be a resident in order to get payments.
  • they have no criminal history and file their income and tax returns on time because both influence their eligibility.
  • If married and filing taxes jointly, both partners, and additional funds will be available for each dependent child.
  • Status on the Permanent Fund Dividend website should be “Eligible-Not Paid,” indicating approval is pending payment.

Process to Check $1312 Stimulus Status

To check whether you are eligible to receive $1312 stimulus check, individual can follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Go to the Alaska Department of Revenue’s PFD website at pfd.alaska.gov in order to check $1312 stimulus check Status.
  • Step 2: Now click on the “myPFD” option to find detailed information about your PFD application.
  • Step 3: Individuals are advised to ensure the current address is accurately listed on their PFD application to avoid any delays in receiving the $1312 payment.
  • Step 4: If your address has changed, update it by filing out the address change form available on the official website of the Department of Revenue, Alaska.


What is the 1312 Stimulus Payment?

The 1312 Stimulus Payment is financial aid from the government to help during economic hardships. Eligibility is based on income, filing status, and having a valid Social Security number.

How can I apply for the 1312 Stimulus Payment?

Most people don’t need to apply separately; it’s based on tax returns. If additional steps are needed, follow guidelines from the relevant government agency and provide any required documents.

When will I receive the 1312 Stimulus Payment?

Timing varies. Payments are usually issued via direct deposit, checks, or debit cards. Direct deposits are fastest. Monitor official sources for updates.

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